Patent litigation financing

What is Patent Litigation Financing?

IP law and courtPatent litigation also know as IP, is why patent litigation financing is sometimes needed, because this is usually complicated and expensive. With that attorneys that have a specialty in IP law know this and with this when attorneys and plaintiffs find out that Verum Funding specialize in patent litigation funding they usually have some questions.

How Do I Get Intellectual Property Financing?

This is an easy one to answer. When we get a submission we send it off to many of the underwriters that we use, then they look at the case to see how strong it is and the probability of a successful verdict. Since litigation financing for this is very risky is does take some time to do this, especially since it is non recourse (recourse is sometimes the case also). In deciding if patent litigation funding is possible some things may be required from you to get qualified and or approved.

What Is The Qualification Process?

Before going to diligence these are some questions that need to be answered to be considered for patent litigation funding.

  • Patents that are part of the case and or cases.
  • Would be defendants in the case.
  • What is the needed amount of money for a successful verdict?
  • Estimate of the trial damages.
  • Experts that are needed for the case.
  • Is it a patent or a design infringement or is a trade secret, copyright, or trademark issue?

Yes there are a lot of items that are needed but commercial IP funding but that is because there is usually a good amount of money that is needed for non recourse IP financing, in both soft and hard IP.  Most firms in the past would take an IP case on full contingency but in today’s environment that is a thing of the past. Thus, there is commercial IP litigation financing.

Portfolio & Single Case Patent Litigation Funding.

We can help you and your firm with both single case and portfolio IP funding. With this type of financing it can help.

  • Pay legal fees – Even if there are the resources to pay for the litigation, it usually more beneficial to use litigation funding giving the claimant the ability to use capital were it can benefit their business.
  • Pay for experts – Experts can be expensive when going to trial. When using Verum, we help you get the capital to pay for those experts to strengthen the case at hand.
  • Pay for salaries of the firm – When awaiting judgement on a case it sometimes can take years for the case to be done. Verum can help with capital to help float the firm while waiting for a successful judgement.
  • Increase cash flow – If needing to be able to do more filings  or help grow future cases. IP litigation funding can help.
  • Remove the expense of litigation off the balance sheets – As everybody knows B2B litigation moves super slow. With that millions of dollars can be seen as a lost in capital on the balance sheets. With patent litigation financing it removes the expense of this so there are no issues with loss in the value of the company.
  • Grow the firm – If the law firm needs to grow patent litigation funding helps gives the ability to hire more staff or larger offices.

It is usually available in any state of litigation, so if you are at the beginning of litigation in one of your IP cases or if you are in the middle of an appeal, we can help!

How Does Patent Litigation Funding Help?

This type of commercial litigation funding can help with needed experts for a case, or relieve the cost burden for a business, or it can be used to grow a business or a law firm. Usually, it is up to the business, law firm, or individual that is taking the non recourse financing but the terms that are signed will outline the use of the funding. When it comes to a invention that a patent holder has secured, we help those against the well capitalized defendants that sometimes have unlimited resources to fight the suit at hand. We know that IP suits are usually more risky that other types of litigation cases. That is why at Verum Funding we can help minimize the risk.

Why Choose Verum for IP Litigation Financing?

The Verum team has years of working on the most complex trial cases. Our funding is fast, transparent, and can be completed with minimal interruption to you, your business, or your law firm. That is why many have chosen Verum Funding. Our Patent litigation financing is there to deliver the capital that is needed in court case when it is needed most. If our IP litigation funding is something that could be use in your case please reach out to us by filling out a submission form on the page, emailing, or by calling us at 434-535-5229.

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