Copyright Litigation Funding

Copyright Litigation Funding

With Digital media distribution, copyrights infringement lawsuit are becoming more and more common. Due to the internet the ability to reproduce and distribute this content without paying for the rights for it. Access to copyrighted works along with programs used to blur the lines between new and infringement makes it more and more difficult to hold copyright infringers accountable. Working with us you can get the funding that you need for your copyright litigation funding suits.


Why Is Copyright Litigation Funding Needed?

Copyright litigation funding for law firms and businesses is needed when

  • Capital is needed in other places of the business: When capital is needed to help grow the business we can help you keep the capital that is needed to run the business.
  • Retaining Attorneys: Attorney’s fees can add up quick
  • Hiring Experts: Usually hiring experts is a necessity when going to court. Our capital can help you hire them when needed.
  • Keep the business running: Many times due to fighting copyright infringers money is spent fast, leaving the business vulnerable. With our capital we can help keep the business afloat during litigation.
  • To increase the profitability of the law firm: Being able to take a contingency can greatly increase the profitability of the firm if the case is successful.


What Type Of Suits is Copyright Litigation Funding Right For?

There are many different types of copyright litigation suits. Below are most of the types of suits that are attracting litigation funders as of now.

  • Art: Many different types of artists from video to print to photographers to classic artists are upset when they find out that their property has been reproduced without their permission. With that it is usually very difficult to prove. That is where we can help. We our capital we can help with the hiring of attorneys, the court costs, the hiring of experts and helping you pay the everyday bills.
  • Music: There are many music artists that have gone to court over this type of suit. One of the most famous cases is the “Blurred Lines” from Robin Thicke. It was Marvin Gaye estate vs Robin Thicke. It was a 5 million dollar judgement against Robin Thicke for his infringement on the 1977 Gaye’s hit “Got to Give It Up”. Along with this digital distribution has also interrupted the ability to control the music with social websites and file sharing. The capital procured from us when bring a copyright lawsuit forward can help those keep the business running and making sure to take the litigation off of the company’s balance books.
  • Software: U.S. copyright law has protected computer programs since at least 1980 as literary work. One of the most famous cases is Google vs Oracle this case went to the supreme court. This can be very expensive due to IPR’s that need to be done and the expense can escalate quickly. Our copyright litigation funding can help fund your case so you can procure IPR’s, attorneys, and the experts needed to prove the infringement on your case.
  • There are many more different types of cases that are perfect for copyright litigation financing. Just give us a call at 434-535-5229 to find out if we can help you with your capital needs.


How Can We Help Your With Your Needs?

Many financing companies stay away from cases that need copyright litigation funding due to the complexity of these types of cases but that is where we are different. Our capital can play a critical role with allowing copyright holders to hold those bound to those violations  responsible at trial. With the ability to demand higher compensation and not just take the first low offer that is given it makes it easy to see why our copyright litigation funding is needed. Call us today at 434-535-5229, just fill out the intake form on this page, or email us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Let us help you with the copyright litigation funding that you need!