Trade Secret Litigation Funding

Trade Secret Litigation Funding

Most of the time we see this with a start up with unique ideas wants to join up with a larger company. With that the larger firm uses idea and or technology without the small companies consent. Good majority of the time there is a NDA that discarded during this process full knowing that the smaller company lacks the resources to fight the larger company in court. That is where we can step in to help. With our trade secret litigation funding we can help the start up, the small company fight the big companies and get what they deserve.

How Can We Help?

When we procure trade secret litigation funding for companies or law firms we help even the “playing field”. This funding can help with getting the best representation possible, paying for court fees, hiring expert witnesses, create capital needed for the business, hold out for a fair offer and or settlement, and help not put the cost of litigation on the balance books. That and the ability to make it non-recourse can really help let you or the law firm focus on what is important.

How Our Trade Secret Litigation Funding Is Different From Other Companies Or Brokers

Our financing is different in many ways when we are procuring trade secret litigation financing…

We know what it takes: Many other funding companies have no idea how to get trade secret litigation financed. We have worked with getting trade secret litigation financed for years and we are here to help you with that
We are fast: Many funders and brokers have the same issue. It takes months to get an answer on if a case or a portfolio of cases can get funding. With us we take that away and get the answers fast.
You can always reach us: We are always just a phone call away and you can always get ahold of somebody to answer any questions that you have.
Updates: To make sure that you know of the progress of what is happening we provide updates on a weekly basis. After all you want to know that you funding that you need is moving forward. After all trade secret financing has been one of the building blocks of how we have built our business within litigation funding world.
Access to our experts: If you need to run ideas or thought past us we can help. We have some of the most experienced litigation finance employees in the industry.

Trade Secret Litigation In The News

As reported by mondaq With the 2016 passage of the Defend Trade Secrets Act, bigger cases were filed and with that courts on the federal level stepped in regarding business secret information. With that in the past 4 decades the awards in the nine to billion dollar damage have increased.

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Our expertise sets us above from others. We know that every trade secret litigation case and portfolio is different and the capital needs that go with it. Our team is adaptable and flexible, that along with full transparency through the process is why so many have chosen us for their trade secret litigation funding needs. Let us help you tailor the financial solutions to your capital needs.

You can get the litigation funding today that you need by contact us by emailing us, filling out the submission form on this page, or calling 434-535-5229 to discuss the attributes of any legal action you want to proceed with but do not have sufficient funds and you need a third party to cover the legal costs? Then let us help you get the litigation funding that you need.


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