Trademark Litigation Funding

Trademark Litigation Funding

In a trademark lawsuit the plaintiff needs to prove that owns the trademark and that it has the priority over the defendant or that the defendant’s “mark” is causing confusion with consumers with goods and or services. Trademark Litigation is time consuming and very expensive and can include but not limited to these violations.

  • Dealer violations, authorized and resellers
  • Counterfeiting trademarks
  • Social media trademark neglect
  • Domain and trademark infractions
  • Conflict between corporate and trade names



That is why our capital can help. Our funding can help supply…

  • Court Fees
  • Experts
  • Retaining council (for plaintiffs)
  • Paying salaries
  • Growing the firm (for attorneys)
  • Hiring new staff
  • and much more.


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Our expertise sets us above from others. We know that every trademark case and portfolio is different and the capital needs that go with it. Our team is adaptable and flexible, that along with full transparency through the process is why so many have chosen us for their litigation funding needs. Let us help you tailor the financial solutions to your capital needs.

You can get the trademark litigation funding today that you need by contact us by emailing us, filling out the submission form on this page, or calling 434-535-5229 to discuss the attributes of any legal action you want to proceed with but do not have sufficient funds and you need a third party to cover the legal costs? Then let us help you get the litigation funding that you need.